Hairdryers – To Dyson or Not to Dyson…

What is the best hairdryer I can buy? How much do I need to spend on a good Hairdryer?

These are common questions that hairdressers get asked, and with the introduction of the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer that question has never been more popular.

So with those questions in mind we thought we’d do a little research and share what we found. Before we continue it is important to note that we have not actually used the Dyson and the views we are sharing here are based on a number of online reviews which are not a substitute for firsthand experience but we have identified trends worth sharing throughout each review.

Firstly all reviews loved the design, let’s face it Dyson make beautiful products and they have revolutionised the design of the trusty hairdryer. The question though is whether it’s design for design’s sake or whether the new design adds genuine benefits.

The majority of reviews we read suggested that it was lighter than their existing hairdryer but only slightly, but most (not all) felt that by having the motor in the handle balanced the weight distribution better.

Most (again not all) suggested the drying time was improved which for many people is valuable, particularly in our time poor worlds.

So in short the reviews we read all agreed that the design is great, it’s a little lighter with slightly improved drying time and great reports on finish quality.

The big question though, is it worth $699?

Well that’s is really up to you. Firstly if you have the disposable cash it may be. If it was something that would stretch you or you had to save a while for maybe not.

The great thing about the Dyson entering the market is many people are talking about hairdryers and genuinely considering the value and/or importance of a quality hairdryer. Something hairdressers have known and told you about for a very long time!

So we now agree, a good hairdryer is paramount and the Dyson is obviously a good hairdryer but you don’t need to spend $700 to get a good hairdryer. You can if you want but you don’t need to, what you do need to do is spend $150-$250 as a minimum though.

A $40 hairdryer from a mass market retailer is unlikely to perform to the same level as a professional hairdryer and it certainly won’t have the durability, so in the end you will end up having to replace it sooner thus costing more than if you spent a little more upfront.

There are a number of very good brands out there for you to consider, some are known some not so much. Here a few we are familiar with. Valera is a very good brand from Switzerland and like most Swiss products it’s of a very high quality with models ranging from $80 up to $300.

Fusion is another brand that we have used in the salon. It is lesser known but provides great performance, maybe not to the same standard as a higher-end Valera or Dyson but certainly good enough to be used daily in the salon and on location when we’re doing editorial work. It is also well priced at $159.90.

The Italian designed and built Parlux has become our favourite though. It’s the industry darling which is where the company has focused its attention for a number of years. It is synonymous with quality to those in the know as is Dyson, it’s just not a household name. Furthermore though, it also doesn’t come with the Dyson price tag.

We use and stock the Parlux 385 hairdryer which is priced at $219.95 which is nearly 70% cheaper than the Dyson meaning you could have one for home and another for your holiday house or travel kit and still have change!

Now I don’t want to suggest that a direct comparison between these is fair and/or reasonable as performance and value are both subjective and one’s financial situation has to be taken into consideration as well.

What I do want to highlight though, is that there are a number of high quality well priced options out there, some are listed above and some are not. So just because there’s a new shiny big brand product on the shelf, it’s not necessarily the best option or right option for you.

Do your research and choose to spend wisely, the great thing about today’s world is every product and service has a competitor or competitors which for you the consumer means you have options.

The most expensive is not always the best, but the cheapest is almost certainly not either!