It all started with a hairdresser and the need to find the right product with the perfect amount of boogie.

So much frustration led to a dream. The kitchen became the lab and the beginnings of a putty for the people. Fatboy the perfect putty had been invented… It was good

Perfect Putty
Matte goodness, that you’ll scream from the rooftops about
The putty that started it all. Smooth & creamy to the touch, once applied, Fatboy Perfect Putty will give your hair that all important matte finish, and a second day texture from day one.
Tough Guy Water Wax
Bring the shine without the grease… More West Side Story less Glee
The ideal wax for taming coarse or thick hair. Tough Guy provides just the right amount of shine without the grease of traditional, oil based waxes.
Sea Salt Pomade
Hold of a pomade, finish of a spray - it even smells sexy (like California surfer sexy)
The texture and finish of a sea salt spray with the flexibility of a cream pomade. This innovative lightweight cream creates that beachy texture, without drying out the hair.
Boss Dog Styling Cream
The perfect amount of slip, just the right amount of slide
A versatile styling cream with just the right amount of slip and slide to give your hair the perfect hold, without taking away its natural flow.
Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner
Use daily to leave your hair soft, shiny and healthy
The shampoo provides a deep clean whilst being gentle on the scalp. Moisturises dry hair and nourishes strands from root to tip to detangle hair and control frizz. Pair with the weightless, nourishing conditioner to leave hair manageable, soft and shiny. Both are sulphate and gluten free.