Since 1987, Nioxin Research Laboratories has developed a wealth of innovative formulas to cleanse, restore and activate the scalp and hair. Many available solutions serve to camouflage thinning. The innovative Nioxin approach inspired by skincare is different. Customized technologies deliver thicker, fuller-looking hair without side effects so you can thrive with newfound confidence. By identifying the 3 signs of hair thinning (Derma, Density and Diameter), Nioxin delivers a complete program and unique personalised solutions that work.

3D Care System | For thicker fuller hair in 30 days
The 3D Care System is made up of 6 product ranges that are all designed to provide thicker and fuller hair for all hair types. Each system will specialise to address various needs such as protection against hair breakage, removal of follicle-clogging sebum, restore moisture levels and provide colour protection while refreshing the scalp and delivering a healthy shine to natural hair. Speak to your Stylist during your consultation for a personal recommendation.
3D Expert Care | In-salon products for professional services
Dermabrasion Treatment is an anti-aging treatment to help regenerate and revitalise scalp skin through exfoliation acting like a facial for the scalp, exclusively for in-salon use. It removes build-up on the scalp to restore it to a good condition. Helps accelerate skin surface regeneration by up to 34% compared to untreated skin.
3D Intensive Care | For targeted DERMA, DENSITY and DIAMETER care
A range of products to reduce fall, increase thickness and protect against cuticle damage. Night Density Rescue is a leave-in treatment proven to promote hair density by reducing hair fall (in 3mths) associated with scalp oxidation. Diaboost increases the thickness of each existing hair strand for fuller-looking hair. It will deliver visibly thicker-looking hair instantly. The hair becomes manageable, fuller and noticeably thicker after just one use. Hair Booster conditions hair and forms a protective barrier against cuticle damage. Hair Booster is particularly designed for progressed-thinning hair and works on specific areas of concern, such as a receding hairline or a low-density crown. It boosts thinning-hair protection.
3D Instant Fullness | Provides up to 2x fuller hair within seconds
People with fine or thinning hair are all searching for the same thing: fuller hair. Instant Fullness shampoo is the daily solution, instantly absorbing oil and helping to prolong the fullness of the 3-Part System Kits, for lightweight fullness and denser-looking hair. Hair is up to 2x fuller within seconds*! *vs. hair treated with a 24h average amount of sebum