System Professional


The energy movement is growing. Do you have your EnergyCode™?
System Professional, a Wella company, combines cutting edge science with dedicated hairdressing mastery to push the limits of hair quality and beauty. Because your hair is a living part of you, as unique as your fingerprint, System Professional products offer a prescribed care system tailored to its specific energy needs putting performance first.
From an individualised diagnosis in salon to a highly personalised range of products to use at home, we deliver a complete, made-to-measure care system that totally transforms the beauty of hair.

Derma | Balance, Purify
With its exclusive Dermacalm Complex, the Balance range relaxes the scalp and helps it build up its own protective barrier. This allows the scalp to protect itself against irritation. The anti-inflammatory and moisturizing active substances are especially effective within the cornified layer. The Purify Line combats dandruff sustainably and effectively. Through its broad, active spectrum it is able to combat all known causes of dandruff more effectively than individual active anti-dandruff substances.
Fibra | Color Save, Repair, Luxeoil, Solar
The Fibrochrome Complex of Color Save noticeably maintains the luminosity of coloured hair with superior hair cuticle protection. The complex is built on four highly efficient ingredients that protect the hair’s colour and keratin integrity. The Fibrabuild Complex in Repair makes hair more resistant and improves combability. It repairs, nourishes and instantly gives hair long-term protection with active substance molecules that are selective and effective. The LuxeOil collection is a remarkable, reconstructive care line containing exquisite oils and LuxeCode Technology. A powerful trio of luxury oils has been scientifically blended to create a line of premium hair products that provide an immediate beauty experience and hair that is the height of luxury. Solar protects hair with the HelioGuard Complex. The hair is enveloped. Less UV rays agress the colour. Its intensity is retained for longer.
Extra | High Performance, Salon Exclusiv
The Extra series system provides the hair with extra energy, as the natural lipid balance that replenishes the cellulitis of the hair is restored. All products in the Extra range contain caffeine, which stimulates blood circulation and hair roots, as well as histidine, which strengthens the protein structure of the hair and protects it against free radicals. This range is designed for high performance results with the most advanced technologies.
Forma | Hydrate, Volumize, Smoothen
With the Formamoist Complex the Hydrate line provides the hair with long-term moisture and active protection from drying out. The Volumize Line with its Formastrength gives the hair more strength, body and volume - balanced conditioning and lightweight formulas prevent overloading and heaviness. The smoothen line is the go to range for controlling curly, unmanageable, rebellious and coarse hair while also actively nourishing the hair.